Company promotional materials. Why are they so important?

Although we live in an era of multi-channel communication and we transfer sales to the Internet, traditional marketing methods are still extremely effective. Flyers, business cards or catalogues are still no less important than digital promotion. Quite the contrary – both of these forms complement each other perfectly and increase their benefits.

Why not give up the traditional leaflets?

At a time when we can reach a potential customer in dozens of ways, a leaflet seems an outdated form of advertising. Is that really so?

Traditional, paper forms of offer presentation have helped to run businesses for years, they are extremely well-known, and customers still like such tangible forms, which can be flipped through or read repeatedly. They are also often first associated with the term “advertising offer”. Additionally, leaflets can be identified with very pleasant for consumers discount codes or promotions. This type of promotion brings a measurable benefit to them, so they are willing to reach for them.

While still in the area of psychological impact on the customers, printed leaflets and catalogues will prove to be useful in places where mobile promotion is not viable. Waiting rooms or reception areas are places where well exposed materials are more likely to catch the eye (and hand!) of potential customers compared to online advertising, which those customers might never even notice. In practice, it is a great complement to the online offer and an incentive to take a closer look at it.

One cannot help the feeling that even in the modern digital age, it is difficult to replace direct contact with customers with anything else. Of course, you can always direct the customers to the company’s website, but presenting them with a neatly designed product or service catalogue will attract their attention for longer and convince them to use our services much faster. This also increases our prestige in the case of business relations with other companies and shows high respect for customers and contractors.

The material quality and the reception of the company – does it still matter?

It is worth making sure that the materials prepared are not only just made available but that they also look great. Adjusting colours to the company’s visual identification and designing eye-catching leaflets is the first step to winning customers, but the quality of leaflets is equally important.

After all, carelessness of printing or low quality materials may be associated with the company’s unreliability and an equally light approach to business matters as to the production of promotional materials. We would like to avoid this.

High quality paper and carefully crafted printing can make a skilful impact on the perception of our business. Although the times when entrepreneurs competed with each other on business cards, fonts or paper texture are long gone, the business etiquette still applies.

It is worth keeping to some old traditions, especially if they can bring us very real benefits.

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