Prints on clothing: how to stand out from others?

Prints on clothing are extremely popular today. T-shirts with famous pop culture motifs, interesting inscriptions or simply an attractive visual effect can be found everywhere across the market. This trend – which should not be a surprise – also includes business marketing, in which the right appearance and a good first impression are extremely important.

Company clothing – a unique way of showing your business

Designing prints on corporate clothing is a big challenge. It will be a showcase for the whole company and it is worth making sure that it looks its best in consumers’ awareness. Nowadays, this seems even more essential. Uniform company clothing is worth introducing, regardless of whether we run a small shop or a workshop, whether our employees have frequent contact with the customer, or whether uniform clothing serves more to integrate the team and create bonds with the company.

From a marketing point of view, this will bring really unexpected benefits, especially if we take into account the low cost of such an investment. First of all, we will gain recognition among customers who will remember the logo from the T-shirt more easily (because it involves direct interaction) rather than from the website. Moreover, as we know from the psychology of shopping, an interesting motif can make customers shop more and more often, become attached to the brand and loyal to the company.

Even a small, elegant logo on a shirt can have the desired effect, but there are also bolder and even crazy designs in fashion. The latter are often so much in demand that customers often ask if they could buy such a shirt.

Eye-catching print for longer

A project that catches the customers’ eyes for longer, plays a great marketing role and brings a lot of benefits – we already know that. It’s worse if the focus is not on an aesthetically pleasing look, but on a worn-out outfit. Aesthetics and neatness of the company’s employees certainly does not bring a lot of liking, and even a constant exchange of work clothes is not a good solution. We perfectly understand this problem. It is not always a question of the quality of clothing, but rather the choice of an appropriate printing method that is resistant to washing, spinning or contact with the body.

The final effect depends on many factors, including the design itself and its level of complexity (its size, colours used, tonal transitions), the type of fabric and the intensity of use. Out of several proven methods, only the one that ensures the best visual effect and the greatest durability is used. Currently, the most common uses are screen printing, flex films, DTG printing, computer embroidery and sublimation. There are also no contraindications to combine several of these methods in order to achieve the most spectacular effect. Although printing on clothing is based on modern technology, for us it is primarily a form of artistic expression.

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